Out with the Barbie and in with the Vampire?


Vampire-themed, “Monster High” dolls are becoming more popular than traditional Barbie dolls. Barbie sales have been declining for four quarters. I’m sure that Skipper and her pals are taking this news hard, but Barbie and Ken have declined to comment. These “Monster High” dolls are designed to be the offspring of famous monsters. The big question in my mind is why are kids drawn scary looking gothic dolls rather than the traditional Barbie?

I am not saying that the traditional Barbie is an excellent choice for kids. Those Barbie dolls create unrealistic expectations for girls and the fashion options are often decidedly inappropriate. However, they aren’t representations of dark, bloodsucking creatures of the night. I’m thinking the originals might be considered the lesser of two evils.

I may be wrong, but I am inclined to think that kids are attracted by these scary looking “Monster High” dolls because children no longer feel normal or beautiful. With the United States ranking number six in a list of countries with the highest divorce rate, it’s no wonder kids have issues. One in five girls are sexually assaulted and one in twenty boys. I don’t blame kids for choosing a doll that reveals their inner struggle. Gone are the days of “Leave it to Beaver” households where kids feel safe and secure and where parents love and respect each other. Today’s children have so many pent up feelings and frustrations, but they aren’t mature enough yet to even be able to try to work through them.

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