Oregon Law Allows Illegals to Vote


I’ve been warning people from the beginning that the sole purpose behind Barack Obama’s immigration policies was to create a way for millions of illegal aliens to vote in elections, knowing that the majority will vote Democratic.

Part of Obama’s illegal DACA and delayed deportation schemes is to allow illegals to obtain valid state driver’s licenses. In many states a person can register to vote when they get their driver’s license simply by lying about their US citizenship. This is why the Arizona legislature passed a billed to prevent illegals, covered under Obama’s immigration policies, to receive state benefits including driver’s licenses.

Oregon is not only issuing driver’s licenses to illegals, but Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat, just signed a bill into law that automatically takes anyone obtaining a state driver’s license and registers them to vote. It doesn’t matter if the person wants to be registered to vote or not, they are automatically on the rolls to allow them to vote at the polls.

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