Be Optimistic…Don’t Cha Be a Grumpy…


by Carly Hill

We are living in very strange times. Some say it’s the end of America. Some say it’s the end times. Some say we’ll bounce right back in 2016. And people tell them they’re naive.

And, maybe they are.

But, we’ve got to remember who we are and what we’ve got.

Yes, the US Government is in shambles. We’ve got Republicans and Democrats fuming like they’re about to have a civil war. We’ve got a President who accuses Americans who are defending the constitution “extortionists.” All semblance of morality in this country has gotten smeared away. It certainly doesn’t look good.

But, we can’t despair. We can’t give up.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re faced with the days increasingly discouraging national news (some of which were mentioned by readers on our Facebook page…)

-Obama’s approval rating is not what it once was. Many on our Facebook page, when asked about any positive things happening in our government, said that in light the explosion of awfulness happening in Washington, people are seeing our President’s true colors.

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