Open MIC! Education, Art, Free speech, & a lack of respect


Some art is ok. Some, not so much. Take for instance a statue of Jesus attached to a dartboard by darts through the hands and feet. That’s ok. But 6 rainbow-colored yarn nooses hanging from a tree warrants an FBI investigation. Even though the artist’s stated intent was “to address the cycle of death and rebirth that is represented by the arrival of spring.” If you listen carefully, you can almost hear that 1st Amendment gasping for air.

Free speech is free speech. It doesn’t guarantee that you won’t be offended. What is it about this that colleges don’t understand? And how can it be a violation of “sexual misconduct policy” to write the word “penis” but it’s perfectly fine to have an entire “Sex Week” where you are instructed (in excruciating detail) about the usage of that body part?

Former Michigan school board member running for state office was convicted of stealing from cancer fundraiser. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg! It isn’t his only run-in with the law. This guy can’t follow the rules to save his life.

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