Online shoppers are Racist!


by Kevin Jackson

Even when online shoppers don’t know a person is black, racism occurs. I bet you didn’t see that coming!

According to the Daily Mail, “selling while black” gets you profiled. In this highly scientific study, identical iPods were shown with a black hand and a white hand, and the one with the white hand won.

There you have it: the internet, ergo the world, is racist.

Researchers discovered the offers to black sellers were lower than offers to whites. According the research, blacks were offered 12 percent less than whites.

Further, potential buyers had what the researchers deemed a “lower level of trust” of black sellers, as the research indicated that blacks received 13 percent fewer responses, and of respondents blacks received 18 percent fewer offers.

Liberals are hailing this report as proof of racism. However the report got similar disparities on iPods sold by whites who had a wrist tattoo. GOTCHA! Yes, they studied this as well.

Liberals look for reasons to cry racism.

The internet is anonymous. I have bought hundreds of items on the internet, and I can honestly say that I have never questioned the race, creed, religion, sexuality, or anything else of the seller. I only looked at their “Seller Rating” on eBay and Amazon. And even then, caveat emptor.

When accusations of racism are bandied about where none has been proven, you know there is an agenda. What were the researchers attempting to prove, when you consider that the item for sale was a iPod, and not a black or white hand?

And in the end, what did they prove? That people are skeptical, and they are more skeptical of blacks and whites with wrist tattoos.

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