One Staunch Democrat Trades Ideology for Theology


by Susan Horton

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“I derided Christians as intellectual bigots who were too weak to face the reality that there is No rhyme or reason to the world.” Does this sound like a staunch Democrat coming out of the Christian closet for Jesus Christ? No? Well you would be wrong. This is what Kirsten Powers, a Fox news contributor and writer for the Daily Beast said in an interview with Christianity Today.

Today, Kirsten says, “I am a Devout Evangelical Christian.” So how did she get from there, hating Christian extremists, to now accepting the Faith and giving her life to Jesus? Her story is a 7 year venture but she’s coming out of the Christian closet now and she is loud and proud.

I remember watching her on Fox wearing a “crucifix” necklace during the campaign season and thinking what a hypocrite trying to sway Christians with a necklace into believing Democrats were Christians too. Anyone standing up for the President when he was absolving abortion, gay versus traditional marriage and taking the names God and Jerusalem out of the platform had to be a fraud. Her pious visage of wearing that necklace on National Television really annoyed me. I felt as though she was mocking Christians by her Democratic stance alongside Obama’s claims he was a Christian. Out of one side of his mouth he claims he believes in God and the bible and out of the other side he denounces most everything the Bible stands for.

I recall pondering this was some sicko campaign gesture to throw off fringe moderate Republicans into voting for him, believing that what he stood for on policy was acceptable Christian views. I had no idea she was a Christian and probably most Christians and Republicans didn’t either.

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