On Gay Marriage: I’m Right, and You’re Wrong


People who leave comments on the internet are generally the worst. Most comments I get on articles are downright mean and internet people are middle-school-popular-girl-level mean (top of the mean-scale). I hate conflict and I especially hate people being mad at me. So, its unfortunate that the political views I’ve adopted anger people – across the board.

My political views are conservative but with a more libertarian slant; however, I cannot completely separate my faith from my politics. Most cookie-cutter conservatives are irked by libertarian arguments. Similarly, libertarians mostly hate when you make a political issue into a religious issue. The thing is, being a Christian shapes every aspect of my worldview, so while I favor limited government in all areas, my relationship with Christ will always seep into my political commentary. I can’t help it.

If I had to verbalize my opinions and defend them, I would (naturally) be thinking, “I’m right…and you’re wrong.” Anyone with solid beliefs of any kind feels that way. It doesn’t mean you’re an “intolerant bigot” because you believe that something is true. It means that you have a belief-system. Gay people who fight for the legalization of gay marriage are essentially saying the same thing in their heads… “I’m right, and you’re wrong.” There are no victims in this argument. There are simply two groups who believe that their beliefs are correct.

Despite my liberty-focused leanings, I believe that our country’s great success can be attributed to the fact that we were founded with Christian values and led by men who followed Christ. There are those who say the founding fathers were theists, not Christians. To those people, I say, watch Kirk Cameron’s movie, “Monumental.” He literally travels to England and goes the same route the Pilgrims did – talking to expert historians along the way and seeing the first American statues and monuments – all of which placed Jesus Christ as the centerpiece. We may not be a “Christian” nation, but we were absolutely founded on Christianity.

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