An Old Fart’s Advice to New Writers Entering the Culture War


by Doug Giles

It’s been officially ten years since I started writing my weekly screeds for the online mega-beast called, I’m glad Jon Garthwaite gave me the opportunity back in ’04 to go public with my brutal musings. I believe I will gift him with a nice box of my Safari Cigars for being kind to this redeemed doper from West Texas. Gracias, Juan. You’re a brave man.

Being the gracious, humble and successful man that I am, I thought I’d leave a bread trail for other writers who’d like to wade into the cultural quagmire via their laptop.

Here’s my advice for wannabe writers of opinion pieces.

1. Don’t expect to get paid. I have writers ask me all the time how much I’ll pay them to write for my website I’m like, “Uh … how about nothing.”

Even though I get paid now, when I started writing I never asked to be paid for my stuff. I saw being on a substantial news portal as an opportunity, so I put my boots on and started kickin’ crap … so to speak.

Here’s an FYI to the wannabe columnist: Unless you’re Krauthammer — and you’re not – you need to know that columns don’t fetch that much money; and unless you live in a Public Storage unit you’re probably gonna need a substantial day job, Narcissi.

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