Ohio’s oil boom – The shape of things to come for the nation, maybe


Without even realizing it, presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s swipe at fellow contender Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) may have unwittingly given all the GOP candidates another topic to use against their Democratic competition.

As reported by Jeremy Pelzer of the Cleveland Plain Dealer updated on Oct. 30, 2015, The Donald’s assertion that the economic upturn in the Buckeye State has nothing to do with Kasich’s abilities, but instead just dumb luck due to geologists recently discovering shale oil and natural gas may not be 100 percent true.

Yet the attempted zinger has brought the employment boon of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” to the forefront. During the CNBC Republican presidential debate, Trump downplayed Kasich’s boasts of his part in Ohio’s economic recovery. As Trump stated, “First of all, John [Kasich] got lucky with a thing called fracking, OK? He hit oil. He got lucky with fracking. Believe me, that is why Ohio is doing well.”

Pelzer corrects the front runner by penning, “Trump is simply incorrect to assert that Ohio’s economy and state finances have improved solely because of oil drilling.” Pelzer also cited Tim Keen, Kasich’s budget director who noted that, “Ohio has seen job growth in a number of other sectors, including manufacturing, the service industry, and professional and business services.”

However, the Cleveland-based journalist does state that the recent oil and natural gas boom “has contributed $28.4 billion to the state economy in 2014.” Also cited was that almost 200,000 Ohioans “worked jobs related directly or indirectly to the shale oil and gas industry.”

While many Americans have at least heard the phrases “shale oil” and “fracking,” few are aware just how much shale oil and natural gas the United States is sitting on top of.

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