Has Ohio Been A Constitutional Carry State All Along?


by Tony Oliva

As I was looking into my travels this Memorial Day weekend I took a minute to have a refresher course on what the gun laws are in the states that I will be travelling to. I am planning on heading to Cincinnati Ohio to root on my Alma Mater’s, the University of Pittsburgh’s, Ultimate Frisbee Team En Sabah Nur.

Yes…your champion of gun rights and all things 2nd Amendment himself was a big time Ultimate Frisbee player. With ESN, a team on which I was a founding member, I was a 4-time National Qualifier after an injury left him unable to continue playing football at Pitt…but I digress :o)

Anyways, while I know Open Carry is legal in the Buckeye state (fortunate for me since Ohio and Pennsylvania do not have CCW reciprocity) I wanted to delve into the motor vehicle aspect of firearm transportation. From what I heard you cannot carry a firearm while IN a vehicle. Since I would be riding my motorcycle I would be ON a vehicle…alas, the courts actually ruled on this and found that being on a motorcycle falls within the confines of the infringement.

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