Ohio Accountability Project Seeks Accountability from Speaker Boehner


I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing JD Winteregg, the Executive Director of the Ohio Accountability Project (OAP). They are a group of concerned citizens who came together to discuss the important issues, but also how they are being represented in Washington DC – their local representative is Speaker Boehner and they are not happy with the job he’s doing in Congress or at local level. They set up this project with the aim of meeting with all local, community, youth and minority groups, discussing what issues are important to them, educating them on how those particular issues are addressed in Washington, and hopefully bringing everyone together and find people who will best represent the will of the people and bring accountability to Washington.

JD: What is the most important issue for the people of Ohio, and was this group formed on one issue or a group of issues?

JDW: It is everything. We currently don’t feel our representatives in Washington are connected to us. They don’t seem to be making an attempt to communicate with us about what’s important to us. For us as a group, we want to firstly break down that barrier, inform the people within the district of the issues and how our representatives are addressing them, and also stop people in Washington telling us how to live our lives, because those directives should come from the people, NOT Washington.

JD: So, Speaker Boehner is your local representative; what is the feeling towards him and what is the biggest criticism you hear of him?

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