Oh, the Irony! Guess Who the Left Is Trotting out to Be Their New Face in the War On “Fake News?” You Simply Cannot Make This Stuff Up!

Photo, above: “So, I says to him, ‘I told you I was coming back, Doug. I’m damned glad you’re with me!’”

Fake news! Fake news! Fake news! It’s all the rage among Democrats these days. The right wing blogosphere contributed greatly to the election of Donald Trump, and the liberal weenies know it, thus trashing the right wing blogosphere as “fake news,” aka “news liberals don’t want you to hear,” is now their full-time job.

Who better for the left to trot out as the face of their war on “fake news” than the master of fake news himself, Lyin’ Brian Williams, who took the time to report on fake news between recuperating from the many wounds he suffered at the hands of ISIS during his combat tour in Syria and his upcoming trip to the International Space Station with Al Gore on a spaceship Gore invented and built himself in his garage, with Lyin’ Brian’s help and supervision, of course.

“Fake journalist Brian Williams, who was suspended from the NBC Nightly Newsanchor slot for reporting fake news and lost the job altogether — and is now relegated to an MSNBC position — slammed fake news on MSNBC on Thursday,” according to Breitbart.

‘Fake news played a role in this election and continues to find a wide audience,’ Williams said, before attacking retired Army Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn—President-elect Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser—and Breitbart News Network.

It’s curious that Williams is becoming the face of the legacy and establishment media charge against ‘fake news,’ the matter that such media luminaries are rallying around to blame their widely inaccurate reporting of the 2016 presidential election. Williams lost his slot as anchor of the NBC Nightly News after he made up scores of accounts, passing off completely fabricated stories as journalism.

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