Oh it’s fine for blacks to criticize WHITE Presidents!


by Tami Jackson

Race-baiters in America love to call any and all whites who criticize Obama racists, while allowing blacks to malign white presidents with zero condemnation.

Never mind the facts or that most of the folks disagree with President Obama’s policies and big effort to fundamentally change this great nation into a Marxist utopia.

Never mind that for decades black Americans criticized WHITE presidents and were never considered racist. And never mind that Obama is, after all, 1/2 white.

Let’s re-visit some presidential criticism:

When those who derive power by keeping their constituents embittered and feeling like victims face challenges to their policies, their answer invariably is a shout of racism!

Jesse and Al and Oprah all lead the way, ignoring justified policy criticism and assigning evil intent and bigotry to any Obama naysayers.

This was the time-tested formula for Marxist change: create anger and malcontent amongst people then rush to the rescue with Central Planning and control.

And patriots everywhere should JUST SAY NO!

More Videos at TheBlackSphere.net

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