Oh No! A Cowboy Trick-or-Treater! I’m So Offended!


by Carly Hill

As discussed on The Five, The University of Colorado Boulder has asked that students don’t dress in any “offensive” Halloween costumes. Most of the non-approved costume ideas did sound inappropriate for a college campus (sex kittens and bunnies and gophers or whatever). But, Cowboys?

Okay, so there are many people who are anti-Halloween altogether. They cite its Pagan roots and abstain from any part of it. Then there are the rest of Americans who look at the holiday as a time to dress up and get candy.

Should college students be restricted from dressing up like hookers because it’s Halloween? I wouldn’t say that’s a bad rule to have. It’s a school, after all. And school’s should have rules. I’m just afraid that our country has gotten SO PC, that you really can’t win anymore.

In today’s culture, you can’t voice an opinion on anything without offending someone. The social acceptance of this new norm is whittling away at our freedom of speech. Words that were “bad” when my mom was a kid are now the politically correct description. Words that were in nursery rhymes in my Grandma’s day are now used to describe people’s sexuality. Culture changes with history and this age in America has become the restricted, the controlled, the PC, the nonoffenders, the robots. Is that really who we want to be? Is that really what we’re about?

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