by Lori Wallach Boxer

The Claim

30 million Americans were in dire need of health insurance. It is a crisis that requires re-tooling of the entire healthcare system affecting 300 million other Americans who did have health insurance that they liked. We must act now! And by the way, an efficient, government-run system will save families $2500/yr.

The Stated Result

Over 30 million uninsured and under-insured Americans would clamor to sign up for low cost insurance without pre-existing conditions or limits. The system will pay for itself and even save taxpayers money. Projected costs were under $1 trillion with savings eventually.

The Expected Result

Hopefully somewhere near 30 million Americans will be persuaded to pay for something they didn’t really want. A few million will pay the penalty. There will be no savings but maybe it won’t cost too much more.

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