Obama’s Tuition Proposal is Political Grandstanding and a Bad Idea


When it comes to making high-minded but empty promises, Barack Obama is the all-time champion. Unfortunately, like too many glib talking politicians, all too often he has no intention of actually fulfilling his promises. In the first place, the Republican Congress is not going to pass the legislation necessary to create a new $60 billion government entitlement at a time when it can’t even adequately fund our national defense. In the second place, free tuition for everyone is a bad idea even if happened to be feasible (more about this aspect of Obama’s proposal later). The key here is to understand that Barack Obama never intended to implement this overblown promise in the first place. To the grandstanding president, the goal was achieved as soon as he uttered the words “free tuition.”

The president’s goal, of course, was to appear to be a compassionate patron of the people—someone who is looking out for the little man while forcing the Republicans in Congress who would have to fund this ill-conceived proposal to look like the bad guys.  In addition to being a bad idea, President Obama’s latest high-minded promise of free tuition for everyone at local community colleges is just an overdone bit of political theater. In this age of rising college costs, such a proposal is bound to sound good to a lot of people. But those who think free tuition to community colleges is a good idea should consider the old maxim that says, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

In analyzing Obama’s free-tuition proposal, most commentators have focused on the fact that Congress is not likely to fund a new government entitlement that is riddled with flawed thinking. This criticism is both accurate and appropriate. However, there is an even bigger problem with the president’s pandering proposal: free tuition to community colleges is a bad idea. If this sounds like blasphemy, stay with me for a few more paragraphs while I make my case. There are several reasons why offering free tuition to community college students is a bad idea.
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