Obama’s Snub of France shows his Muslim Leanings


I think those who are upset about Obama snubbing France in the Paris march against terrorism—although they are right to be angry—are missing an important point: Obama’s refusal to send an appropriate representative to the march is more than just a slap in the face to a long-time ally, it is one more example of this president’s Muslim leanings. Barack Obama would rather insult the people of France than anger his would-be friends in the Muslim world. Of course the furor over the “Paris Snub” occurred because President Obama not only failed to represent the United States in the recent march against terrorism in Paris, but also failed to send a prominent member of his administration. Frankly, the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo have shown more courage and class than America’s president in standing up to terrorists.

Bowing to the angry demands of American voters—including embarrassed members of his own party—the hapless president finally sent John Kerry to France to mend fences, but sending the Secretary of State a week after the march was over did nothing to sooth frayed feelings. This was akin to having Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. show up in Selma only after the marches and beatings were over. What people across the globe, including terrorist leaders, saw was that other countries throughout the world were properly represented but the U.S. was not. For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel represented her country and Benjamin Netanyahu represented Israel, but President Obama—the supposed leader of the free world—could not be bothered to attend himself or even send his vice-president or secretary of state. Without saying a word, Barack Obama sent a message to the world that Muslim terrorists could not miss.
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