Obama’s Secret Mideast Strategy Revealed; Checkmated in Syria by Putin


Someone should’ve told Obama, “be careful what you wish for.” It’s been his wish—and his mission, from day one, to reduce America’s military power and influence in the world to a minimum. Something like the clout and prestige of Iceland would be about right, in his estimation.

Unfortunately, a major feature of the Obama psyche is a craving for respect, even adulation, from others. But let’s face it: the president of Iceland doesn’t take up much space on the world stage.

So, our dear leader must be in a fugue over Putin’s recent treatment of him: moving armed forces into Syria, then dispatching a three-star general to our embassy in Iraq bearing a démarche—formal diplomatic notice—that American air and ground forces are requested to depart from Syria before air strikes commence. Their targets have been the U.S.-supported rebels who’ve been trying to topple Syria’s Assad since 2011; though the Russians did hit Raqqa, ISIS’s home base on Friday, the third day of strikes.

Sadly, the American people have to depend upon Obama and his Revolutionary Guard: the Media, for information on Syria, and all they’ve gotten is Taqiyya—a mainstay in the Muslim science of deception.

But Putin’s actions have exposed the truth: Obama has no legal standing to be in Syria, and Putin does—the latter is responding to a request from his ally, the president of Syria, what’s left of it after four years of Obama “foreign policy,” trying to unseat Assad with a ragtag band of rebels who can’t decide whether to topple Assad or join ISIS.

Obama’s allies in Syria are a horde of militant fronts, including outright terrorist groups like al Qaeda­­­–faction al Nusra, which the Middle East Monitor reported has pledged “allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS),” and Jaysh al-Muhajirin wa al-Ansar, “which seeks to establish an Islamic state in Syria. It’s “led by Chechen jihadist … Omar al-Shishani, who has aligned himself with ISIS.”—BBC.com
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