Obama’s Private Armies: Who Pays The Bill?


Now that the Republican Congress has obliterated the lines
between the two parties, it’s time to get on to more important
things.  But are there any more items on the docket more
important than secure borders between the drug and human
smugglers south of the border and the ranchers and American
Citizens attempting to guard their property and families on this
side?  Or the right of any individual to either buy health
insurance or decline it?  Or the right to own weapons to protect
his property and family but denied the available bullets to line
up in the muzzles?

In the Gospel of John, he begins with “In the beginning was the
Word…”  And it follows with stunning truth.  According to the
Congressional “scriptures,” there seems to be no “truth” to even
the beginning.  There will be no amnesty!  No, Sir!  We’ll not
approve a budget for Department of Homeland Security unless the
President’s executive overreach in amnesty for a million or so
illegal immigrants is addressed.  That should have included an
“amen.”  Instead, as with most of the other flimsy and empty
rhetoric coming from the RINO department, it’s just “Oh, we were
just kidding.”  It’s not just the RINO’s, however, there’s a long
history of starting strong and ending at first base.  Remember
Senator Joe Lieberman denouncing Bill Clinton in the worst
condemnation heard on the senate floor and then turning right
around and refusing to vote to impeach him?  I guess we aren’t
supposed to remember history, are we?
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