Obama’s Post Presidency Plans: Anti-Capitalism Global Warming Venture Capitalism?


Radical anti-capitalist groups are celebrating Obama’s post-presidential plans to join the ranks of the EPA’s Billionaires Club and become a Captain Of Industry. As the former leader of the Free World, he can now direct his vast brain-power on income inequality, leveling the playing field and eliminating barriers to competition by fellow ‘community organizers’ seeking to profits in the world of Venture Capitalism.

Mainstream media all agree, Silicon Valley and environmental hipsters couldn’t have selected a more qualified spokesman for the Banksters, Oil Barons and Wall Street con-artist promoting peace and prosperity through Free Trade agreements crafted in secrecy. After all, is it really secret if all the stakeholders negotiating behind closed doors produce the expected outcomes?

Why shouldn’t Obama be seen as the next Ken Lay of Enron fame, a trusted ally for the Wall Street environmental lawyers promoting the cutting-edge science of the EPA. What other administration has contributed more public support to the Energy Foundation, Prosperity Partnership and Clinton Global Initiative, and the other secretive UN organizations that produced the Paris Climate Accord.

If that whole Venture Capitalist gig doesn’t work out, his pals at the Green Sports Alliance can make him a part-owner in an NBA franchise. Better yet, they could give him the Seattle Seahawks as a reward for allowing diversity in America’s sports programs.

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