Obama’s Offspring: California’s Islamist, Commie College Kids


I’ve never had a reason to give this president credit for anything in his over 6 years in office. Well, I’m going to correct that right now…

President Obama has been an encourager. From the depths of his soul…he has encouraged and emboldened certain segments of our society. But, to the dismay of the freedom-loving and law-abiding in our great nation…he has emboldened the evil among us.

At every opportunity, Mr. Obama has coddled miscreants (Muslim Brotherhood, jihadists at Gitmo and beyond), used his position of power in the free world to promote racism (Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, etc.) and fanned the flames of envy (class warfare). And Obama’s deep-seated anti-Semitism, revealing itself in his dissing of Israeli PM Netanyahu ever since he entered the White House, has been unprecedented.

And let’s not forget his maniacal compulsion to destroy this country (a nation that has blessed so many in its 239 years on earth), now displays itself proudly on America’s College campuses. Case in point (ClashDaily.com)…

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