Obama’s Next Boogeyman – Income Inequality


by Stephen Bowers

“Income Inequality” is the next boogieman Obama is going to address, in order to save us all from ourselves. He has declared Obamacare to be successful or, at least, on track. Exactly where the tracks lead is unclear. Probably towards oblivion. Via the “train wreck” now visible even to the generation “X-ers” who see themselves paying for the more costly passengers-victims of the “Wreck” (ie; duffers like me).

Only the dimmest among us haven’t realized how catastrophic this “Wreck” will be when the real goal of Obamacare (healthcare reform) is fired up by the bureaucrats in DC. Faceless unaccountable drones in Washington (under the aegis of the IRS) will be calling the shots about just how the limited medical resources are to be distributed to you by your doctor(s). You know, very insensitive people (?) with lots of power who look forward with glee towards their retirement with pensions much larger than their civilian counterparts in Realsville, where the rest of us reside, and who get little gold stars for every $400 aspirin they save by denying it to you. Just like the German trainmasters who were applauded by their Nazi bosses for keeping the trains running on time to Auschwitz and other festive destinations in Poland, until the Allies and our Dads put a stop to that little slice of Socialist Utopia.

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