Obama’s Convenient Amnesia About Gruber Does Not Match Facts


Events in Ferguson have drawn the attention away from that elitist snob, Jonathan Gruber, for the moment. But his is a story that deserves more attention; mostly for what it says about Barack Obama and other Democratic leaders. By now most Americans know what Barack Obama and his henchman Jonathan Gruber really think of Americans; something Gruber revealed with his infamous statement about “the stupidity of the American voter.” Overlooking for a moment the condescension and arrogance of this MIT economist, it could be that Gruber has a point about American voters or, at least, some of them. After all, there were enough voters sufficiently stupid to elect and re-elect Barack Obama.

However, with the exception of diehard Obama supporters, I don’t believe American voters are stupid. They may allow themselves to be temporarily fooled from time to time by slick politicians who talk about such nebulous concepts as “hope and change,” but American voters are usually able to eventually figure out that they have been lied to. When they do wake up to reality, Americans typically express their displeasure with those who deceived in one of two ways: 1) By turning out on election-day and voting accordingly, or 2) By staying home on election day and letting the culprit they once supported lose. Both of these things happened on November 4th.

Not content to just insult the American people by calling them stupid, Gruber proceeded to shed light on the internal workings of the Obama administration and how it deliberately misled the American people to ensure passage of the Affordable Care Act. He also revealed that the Obama administration purposefully defrauded the Congressional Budget Office to prevent the cornerstone of Obamacare, the individual mandate, from being viewed as a tax. I don’t believe Professor Gruber was purposefully playing the role of whistleblower in revealing how the Obama administration works. Rather, I think he is an academic snob overcome by hubris and who ran off at the mouth without thinking. Be that as it may, there were no surprises in Gruber’s comments for those of us who have opposed Obamacare from the outset. We knew we were being lied to, a fact confirmed several times by the president himself well before this arrogant professor from MIT let his out-sized ego overrule his sense of judgment.

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