Obama’s Blurred Lines in Syria


Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s happened again – President Obama has talked tough in the locker room, only to reach the playing field and freeze. The situation would be bad enough if we were only talking football, but President Obama’s action – or lack of action in this case – presents a few more ramifications than a game of football as Syria hangs in the balance.

This time, President Obama has been caught in his own web of poll-raising rhetoric, as he has for months described an imaginary red line that, if crossed by embattled Syrian leader Assad, would trigger American military intervention.

This pseudo-promise issued by our president was flawed from the beginning.

First, our congress holds the “power of the purse,” meaning that congress controls funding, and since wars are no cheap affair, it is the responsibility of congress to approve monies to fund a military offensive. And unlike a monarchy, our head of government, President Obama, doesn’t have the ability to unilaterally declare war.

Whether Obama made his humanitarian promise to intervene in Syria based on his misunderstanding of the procedure, or on the assumption that Syrian president Assad would not cross the line remains to be seen. But in any case, the line has now been crossed, as it has been confirmed that Assad’s forces have begun using chemical weapons, including Sarin gas, on Syrian rebels.

And now America finds herself in another sticky situation, all because our president couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and drew a line that he seems unable to define.

The merit of a western military intervention into Syria’s civil war has come under scrutiny as Britain’s parliament recently defeated an attempt by Prime Minister David Cameron to provide military support to protect Syrian rebels who are the subject of the Assad regime’s gas attacks.

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