Obama’s Best Secret Investment: City of the Dead


After President Obama’s pullout from Iraq, the fastest money making trend now in Iraq, besides the total tag of one billion worth of 2,300 Humvees that were snatched by ISIS in Mosul alone, is not gold, silver or oil, but real estate plots in the Valley of Peace. The plots, thanks to Obama’s pre-mature pull out of Iraq, have risen dramatically from $500 to $3000. Had you been invested in a plot in Najaf’s Valley of Peace in 2007, your investment would have increased 600%. But the gravy train is still awaiting more investors since $3000 is nothing considering the rising demand.

Here, see in the photo below what you would be investing in. What seems to look like homes studding as far as your eye can see, are not really homes, but an entire city in Iraq called The City of the Dead.

Lately it had to dramatically be expanded to fit the daily casualties in Iraq making this grave site the largest and most occupied graveyard in the world and the best investment opportunity in Iraq after the U.S. pulled out.

So in Iraq, what Obama’s policies did, and besides the armored vehicles that were snatched, there are lives that are continually being snuffed out and it happens on daily basis, a phenomenon which is a hush-hush by Iraqi Government, as it is by the Obama Administration, where no one wants to reveal that all what Obama contributed for Iraq is to jack up the prices of grave plots.

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