Obama’s Administration: Intervention and War in the Balance


by Osei Dixon

War is on the horizon. Or rather, it has been on the horizon for months, and the White House has finally decided that lethargy is not an appropriate solution.

With everyone around the President, save the President himself, beating the drum of war, it seems that intervention in Syria is inevitable. The question is, what is at stake if we do intervene?

The sides are clearly defined. One is, of course, Bashar al-Assad, power-hungry, mass-murdering tyrant. The other is Al-Qaeda, mass-murdering, aspiring tyrants.

A strong distinction, to be sure, but obviously both sides are an anathema.

Both are enemies of America and the western world, and having either in power would not be a positive outcome.

Were Assad to win, Iran would maintain their Mediterranean proxy, as would Russia. If the “rebels” win, then Syria becomes much more chaotic, with a potential for endless internal strife and almost inevitably becoming a base for terrorists to strike Israel and beyond.

Because of these reprehensible options, the “correct” course in Syria seems almost impossible to pin down. It gets even worse when one considers the current administration’s decisions on other insurrections in the Middle East.

Recall Libya, where the administration professed its support for the rebels, and then proceeded to drag its feet on aiding them by creating a no fly zone. Indeed, the White House waited so long, the rebels were nearly defeated by Gaddafi, whose tanks were right outside of Benghazi.

The administration then proceeded to exceed its mandate and began bombing Gaddafi’s ground forces, ensuring his defeat.

Obama’s administration not only took a very confusing approach to “helping” the people they supposedly supported, they also supported people whose motivations and ideologies they did not know.

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