ObamaCare is Here to Stay: Why Republicans Can’t and Won’t Do a Thing


by Rodney Lee Conover

The NY Times is reporting that the new Republican Congress can’t gut ObamaCare, but they left out something really important: The GOP has no interest in stopping, repealing, gutting, uprooting or anything else having to do with ObamaCare.

Why do I say that? Why have I been saying that for years? Because ObamaCare is the best thing to ever happen to this group of establishment GOP leaders and followers. They just slaughtered Democrats in the mid-terms and every damn one of them used “ObamaCare” in every other sentence in their campaigns.

Republicans love ObamaCare – it put them back into power. They don’t have to lead, they don’t have to actually do anything, they don’t have to risk any new ideas – they have ObamaCare to run on.

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