Obamacare MUST Be Repealed for America to Survive!


by Jonathon Dunne

The American people have a lot of issues to face over the coming months with debates on budgets, debt ceiling, Obamacare, Immigration etc. Each person involved in each battle will tell the American people their issue is the most important. I believe the single biggest issue facing America today is Obamacare and if it is not the most important domestic issue facing America today, then I don’t know what is. This issue really is about life or death. I was born and raised and live under socialized medicine and I wanted to share the reality with you and why I believe this issue is so important.

There is an old saying which is incredibly true “Your health is your wealth” because there is so little possible when you are not well. At one point or another, each one of us will need healthcare whether it is for something inconvenient like a broken arm or something life threatening like cancer. The last words you want to hear when it’s your turn to need healthcare is budget shortages, longer waiting times, union problems, lack of attention and definitely not something called a death panel.

I want to deal with the political side of this issue first. If you listen to the left’s narrative very closely you see they blame the Republicans on every issue even calling them obstructionist and anarchists. If you look at the issues looming there is every chance if you believe those same Democrats that, government could be shut down a lot. So what do they do? They double down on Obamacare which is another Government program which affects lives. If the Democrats believed their own message, logic would dictate that they would want the Government to offer less, so innocent people are less affected in their everyday lives… Because After all they are the compassionate left. Right?

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