ObamaCare in Critical Condition at Court


Americans want a second opinion on the country’s health care law — and the Supreme Court is giving them one.

Three years after the justices upheld the President’s controversial legislation, the justices are taking another crack at ObamaCare — with even more on the line. That’s news to most Americans, 70 percent of whom have heard little or nothing about the case. And while they may not know about the suit, they’re about to feel its effects if the justices strike down the subsidies that make the coverage possible for millions of people.

As usual, the IRS ignored the plain language of the law and offered the same financial help to low-income people on the federal exchanges too.

In King v. Burwell, the Court will decide whether it’s legal to give tax subsidies to 6.4 million people who already have help buying health insurance. As anyone familiar with the law knows, a ruling against the administration would be catastrophic for the President’s health care scheme — imploding ObamaCare’s already shaky foundation and leaving 87% of enrollees without subsidies.
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