Obamacare Haste Made Waste


by Carly Hill

Grandma was right.

She used to tell me, “Be careful, Carly. Haste makes waste.”

Then, I got married and my husband sighed (sighs) every time he unloaded the dishwasher to find that the pans weren’t quite clean. “You’re so unthorough, Sweetie. You need to stop rushing things.”

“Haste” is something that I’ve been doing all my life. I rush through things. Sometimes, it works to my advantage. In school and in my career, when I’m doing something important or something that I’m good at, I’m the first to finish. I get things done. I make things happen. This quality has put me ahead in school and gotten me speedy career promotions, but when it comes to things in life I’m not as passionate about, things fall through the cracks…a lot. Things get left undone. They spill. They fall apart.

Americans are scratching their heads right now over the Obamacare website flop. How on earth did this happen? Were the website creators sabotaged or something? Are they incompetant? Or do they possess the same quality I do? Did they haste and therefore make waste?

My theory is that Obama was so determined to get his healthcare baby passed, that he rushed through the process and in doing so, caused the implosion we’re seeing with the site’s success and functionality.

Getting things done is one thing, but rushing the Affordable Healthcare proposal to the point where Senators didn’t have time to read the bill and then launching the website before the kinks were worked out is just a recipe for disaster.

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