ObamaCare In Free Fall, Seniors Suffer and Poor Enrollment Plagues System


by Deneen Borelli

Day by day the news about ObamaCare gets worse. Initially, news about the millions of private health plan cancellations dominated the media. Now senior citizens are getting hit.

The Daily Caller reports that senior citizens are seeing their Medicare Advantage plans get cancelled.

Private insurance companies that cover patients with government funds under the Medicare Advantage program have quietly started to dump doctors and patients because of Obamacare budget cuts.

Schkowitz, 75, who lives in a senior citizen complex near Atlantic City, would also pay more for prescription drugs under the new plan. The co-pay for a three-month supply of one of his medications increases next year from $7.50 to $54.00.

Thousands of New Jersey residents are suffering the same fate . Currently, 74,000 Garden State residents are enrolled in Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage. Nearly half have zero-premium plans.

But in 2014, New Jersey Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield is eliminating all zero-premium plans with prescription drug coverage and all but two of its other plans with monthly fees.

New Jersey Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield spokesman Tom Vincz tells the Daily Caller that “due to rising health care costs and cuts to Medicare Advantage we had to make these product changes.”

Medicare Advantage program cuts was part of ObamaCare. According to the New York Daily News, “…Obamacare cuts $717 billion from Medicare over 10 years; $154 billion of that will come from Medicare Advantage.”

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