Obamacare Fine and Tax Punishment Begins April 2015 – Don’t Pay It


While the House and Senate are busy compromising — funding amnesty and Obamacare with the Cromnibus Bill and putting Speaker Boehner back in for a 3rd term, America is facing intense Obama punishment by April 2015.

We all know by now, thanks to Gruber’s revelations and the actual details of Obamacare itself as it unfolded that it is saturated with lies, taxes, regulations and fines. We were all told in the beginning of this tyrannical nightmare that if we didn’t sign up for Obamacare approved insurance by a certain time (that kept changing) we would get fined.

Though Obama wanted a large fine left in with threat of jail time even, there was a legal and Constitutional fight that pushed back the Obamacare punishment fine to $95 and that was to be taken out of our tax return.

Many of us, not able to afford compromised health care, made the decision to pay the $95 fine instead. Millions of us given the horrible economy and struggles couldn’t afford a monthly health insurance bill with a $5,000 deductible we couldn’t pay anyway.
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