Obamacare Could Destroy Us – Here’s Why


by Young Publius

Today, our nation is being faced with a plague of government interference with our health care. The name is common: Obamacare. At first thought, health care for everybody sounds like a great idea. The problems begin once you read the law.

The layers of government regulation that will be implemented because of the law will cripple our health care system. It is meant, by design, to eliminate the free market health care system we currently have in place. The free market will be replaced with a socialist health system, with health care rationing, which will ultimately cause a shortening of the average life span of Americans. Health insurance costs have already risen, and will continue to skyrocket until this monstrosity is repealed. I am 16 years old; I still live off my parents’ health insurance policy. I genuinely fear for my future when I have to buy health insurance on my own dime. If we do not have a British or Canadian style health system (I pray we don’t), I doubt I will be able to afford the thousands of dollars needed for a policy. The policies will be anything but affordable.

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