Obamacare Already Doing Damage


by Onan Coca

This year, my family health insurance premiums almost doubled. When I tried to find out why, I was told that changes to healthcare law, and moving to come into compliance with those laws, had forced my premiums to rise. Not only my premiums, but my co-pays also rose, though these seem like small changes in comparison. Paying $45 for a Doctor visit instead of $35 is tough, but not nearly as tough as paying $500 a month for our family insurance instead of $265 a month. I am complaining a bit, but I realize that my healthcare woes are nothing in comparison to some folks around our nation.

Obamacare doesn’t really go into full effect until October 1st (well – into full effect for us “little people” who don’t have any lobbyists in Washington to get our exemptions or delays), but a recent poll taken by CNBC finds that nearly 20% of Americans think that Obamacare has already negatively impacted their healthcare situation. In their own piece, CNBC works hard to spin things for the President by saying that it’s highly unlikely Obamacare is “already” affecting so many people.

The letters that thousands of people across the country are getting about losing their coverage, anecdotally argue that CNBC’s poll is more accurate than CNBC realizes. Also, companies are already moving to minimize their own costs, which has drastically changed the healthcare landscape for many. There’s more proof that things are as bad as they seem. Just look at the statistics being provided by some states, like Ohio: “Ohioans who buy government-mandated health insurance through ObamaCare’s new state exchanges next year can expect 41 percent higher rates, according to the state insurance commissioner.” (Nebraska looks rough, too.)

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