The Obamacare Abyss: Why Can’t Millions Of Americans Afford Coverage?


We’ve all heard it said hundreds of times that under the Affordable Care Act every American will have affordable healthcare insurance. Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi still try to convince us of this even though they both know it’s nothing but a lie.

Rachel Garfield, Senior Researcher for the Kaiser Family Foundation and Associate Director for the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured explained just how the ACA was supposed to help get everyone insured. It’s based upon three basic tiers of income. The poorest Americans would qualify for Medicaid, especially under the ACA expansion of Medicaid coverage. The middle income group would obtain their coverage through their employer or from the Obamacare marketplace. The rich group can basically afford to purchase whatever coverage they want from whomever they want.

That is the way the system was supposed to work. However, there are two main factors that have broken the system and created an abyss for many Americans.

The first factor is that coverage through the Obamacare marketplace on the average costs more for less coverage than many of the health insurance plans it replaced. In some states the ACA increased the costs of coverage by 30% to 50%, making it unaffordable to many.
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