Obama ‘went there’ last night: Ball now in candidate Hillary’s court (Video)


Barack Obama, desperate to seem relevant after the nation and his own party rejected him on Nov. 4, made it official last night. The self-proclaimed Constitutional scholar announced he will undo more than two centuries of law today and invite 5 million illegal aliens to remain in this country without fear of deportation.

A question on everyone’s mind this morning is what the Republicans, who now control both houses of Congress, will do. It’s a good question, to sure, and Obama himself is probably on tenterhooks to know whether the GOP will take up articles of impeachment against him (probably his first choice), shut down the government (probably his second), or merely counter every initiative he pens and appointment he makes from here on in.

But an equally tantalizing question is where his executive amnesty leaves putative Democratic 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton. Clinton has quite the history of statements that challenge the abuse of executive privilege by the White House.

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