Obama versus America


by Becky Kress

For five years we have watched with utter confusion and dismay as President Obama attacked the American way of life and all she stands for. We have become immune to the complete lack of journalistic integrity, though their purpose is served among the sheeple who lap up their rhetoric as if it were their life blood. Conservatives everywhere have asked “how can he get away with that?” and watched as yet another scandal goes by the wayside with nary a peep from the media or drooling, but ill informed, supporters.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, refers to the never ending scandals as the “scandal fog”. With the phrase, it became clear to me; Obama gets away with it, not just because he has a chorus of supporters, which includes the press corps by and large, but because the scandals keep coming so fast that no one can keep up with them. No sooner do we sink our teeth into one than something of another sinister nature rears its ugly head and we are distracted yet again.

WND posted an article on November 5th, 2013, detailing the ‘Purge Surge’ of our military commanders. This purge has removed nearly 200 officers in the last five years, many relieved of duty for no given reason, and it is believed the purge serves the purpose of removing any who disagree with Obama and his agenda. The article, seen here, also indicates that our military forces are at their weakest and most vulnerable because of the dismantling and restructuring they are suffering at the hands of this administration.

That surge, in part, is the result of ranking members of our armed forces blatantly disagreeing with the Obama administration on the availability of forces to aid our embassy in Benghazi when it was attacked. According to the president and his lackeys, we did not have any forces close enough to arrive in time to help. According to US Army General Carter Ham, and others, reinforcements could have been sent in time. There were Delta Force personnel in Tripoli, for instance, who volunteered to go. By various accounts, our forces were commanded to stand down. They were not allowed to offer aid. They had to let our people die. After more than a year there are still no answers for the suffering families who lost their loved ones needlessly, and no one has been held accountable.

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