Obama uses KGB-tactics vs. Little Sisters of the Poor


by DeVine Law

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DeVine Law appreciates that pro-abortion, liberal-Democrat-appointed Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the Obama Administration from shutting down the health care and other charitable services rendered by the nuns of The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Should Sotomayor maintain this stay (and presumably her continuing ability to accept Mass from her priest on Sunday) of draconian-Obamacare penalties for the refusal the employer-nuns to sign a government form facilitating the “free” extension of morning-after-abortion-pill, other abortifacient and sterilization “services” to their voluntary employees by a third-party insurance company pursuant to the HHS “contraception” mandate; it could ultimately give Chief Justice John Roberts the chance to partially redeem his soul from his disingenuous upholding of the Patient Protection (?) and Affordable Care Act writ large as constitutional. More legal details here at Powerline.

But thanks to a hat tip from JFA’s Pilgrim and Ukrainian Catholic University, we are struck by how similar is President Barack Obama’s so-called “accommodation” of the free exercise of religious conscience to tactics of the old Soviet-KGB and their puppet governments’ secret police, as well as tactics of their Putin-Russia orbit today:

Lviv, 18 May 2010, office of the rector, 9:50-10:34
On May 18 at 9:27 in the morning Fr. Borys Gudziak received a call on his private mobile phone from a representative of the Security Service of Ukraine [SBU] requesting a meeting. The meeting was scheduled for 20 minutes later at the rectorate of UCU. This official had had contacts with the UCU rectorate a year ago at the time of the visit to the university of the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. He had made a visit to the rectorate in the late afternoon on May 11 with regard to a request of the Ecumenical and Church History Institutes to sign an agreement to use the SBU archives. At that time members of the rectorate were away from the office. He had, what Dr. Antoine Arjakovsky, director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies, called a “very good meeting.”

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