Is Obama Urging Black Americans To Continue To See Themselves As Victims?


Conservative journalist and pundit Jason Riley, an African-American who works for the Wall Street Journal, had some very hard words for President Obama and his supporters on Wednesday. Riley was a guest on Fox News’ the Kelly File when he made the stunning comment that Obama was “Urging Black Americans To Continue To See Themselves As Victims”.

The issue isn’t whether racism still exists in America. The issue is whether racism is still a major barrier to black progress in this country and clearly the presence of a black president in the White House is a sign of progress in this country. And I think the president is urging black Americans to continue to see themselves as victims, to pretend that nothing has changed. 

Riley was arguing that while racism obviously still exists in our nation, (as it exists everyone in this world) that does not mean that it is still an impediment to the success of African-Americans in general. He worries that the continued use of the liberal race-baiting crowd could endanger the progress we’ve made and hinder the progress could still be making.

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