Obama urges Americans to ‘be prepared’ … but wait till you hear what for


by Howard Portnoy

“President Obama admits to not having a strategy to deal with the terrorist crisis in Syria,” writes Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner, “but that doesn’t mean [he thinks]Americans are off the hook for preparing their own disaster strategy.” Sounds sort of encouraging, no?

At first blush, it seems as if the commander-in-chief is at least proactively encouraging his constituents to brace for the possibility of a terrorist attack, by being on the alert, for example, for packages or bags deliberately left behind on buses, trains, or subways. Never mind that he told us in 2013 that the “tide of war” was “receding” and that al Qaeda and its spawn had been “decimated.” Credit where credit is due. And it appears that Obama deserves credit for proclaiming September “National Preparedness Month.”

Not so fast. His official proclamation, which is here, turns out to be just another lame excuse to preach about the real killer crisis that threatens the very fiber of our being: climate change.

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