Obama Tougher With Republicans Than Terrorists


By Harry Livermore

The BBC headline says it all, and says nothing. “US shutdown debate shifts to Senate.” Huh? What? In the first place, it is not a debate. It is a standoff between the President and the duly elected representatives of the People, the House of Representatives. Secondly, it is not “shifting.” It is galloping. Shifting is when I pass the bread plate to my wife at dinner. Thirdly, it is not up to the Senate. Neither Harry Reid, Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate, nor Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell, can move a muscle unless the move is blessed by both the House of Representatives and the President. That’s the way our government was designed by some pretty astute fellows more than 200 years ago.

In the meantime, my retirement investments are taking a beating. I’m old now, and I need those investments to remain solid and reliable for when I get even older. In addition, somebody is floating rumors that my Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy. I’m not really frightened about all of this, just a bit uneasy.

Reid and McConnell did meet last Saturday for talks about the impasse. BBC reported that McConnell said, “We had a good meeting.” Then added “without elaborating” to the story. I once had a “good meeting” with my son’s principal about his behavior in school, but that’s another time and another place.

Again, according to the BBC, after his meeting with Senator McConnell, “Mr. Reid then went to the White House for talks with President Barack Obama.” Of course he did. He had to get his marching orders from the boss.

The BBC also reports that “Democrats have a majority in the Senate, but could not muster enough support to advance a proposal to lift the debt ceiling there.” With a majority, Harry Reid can’t get enough support? Why not? Are there Dems in the Senate that are DINO? Maybe at last they’re tired of rolling over and playing dead for Harry boy.

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