Obama thinks Americans are “Unfair” to Muslims


Do you ever wonder if Muslim leaders have something on Barack Obama? Is there some deep dark secret they know about Obama that he doesn’t want the rest of us to know? Maybe there are Muslim Mullahs out there who know the truth about why his college transcripts are sealed. Perhaps there are Muslims who could reveal embarrassing secrets about Obama’s father. Who knows? But one thing is certain—for some reason Barack Obama feels compelled to play the role of apologist for Muslims worldwide. The man has nothing good to say about Christians, Jews, or even Americans, but he cannot stop talking about the supposed virtues of Muslims. It is as if he thinks everyday Americans lack the common sense to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and radical Muslim fanatics.

For the record, I am happy to acknowledge that not all people of the Muslim faith are murdering barbarians who chop the heads off of innocent civilians and burn captured pilots alive. I just wish our president would acknowledge the obvious: that some of them are. I can see no logical reason for Obama’s trip of fantasy concerning the virtues of Muslims unless of course he is what a growing number of Americans believe him to be—a closet Muslim.   When it comes to Muslims, the President of the United States cannot seem to grasp what any third grader who is paying attention knows: there are a lot of radical Muslim fanatics at large in the world whose hatred of the west, Christians, and Jews knows no bounds. These fanatics are making war on the United States, even if President Obama is the only person on the planet who still refuses to admit it.
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