Obama: The Real Enemies of America Are Climate Change Deniers


The equivalent of the Visigoths or the Mongol hordes is ravaging the Middle East and has come to our own shores.

Meanwhile the clinically insane leaders of North Korea threaten to nuke the US. Fire breathing Iranian leaders also threaten nuclear apocalypse. The Iraqi city of Ramadi, formerly controlled by US forces, has fallen.

Real time threats to American security increase daily.

But according to a speech given to the United States Coast Guard by President Obama, climate change and climate change deniers are the most dangerous threat to our national security. Such a claim goes beyond idiocy to near insanity.

Even Charles Krauthammer, who is usually the analytical equivalent of Mr. Spock, was almost — but not quite — without words. Krauthammer said of the president’s insistence that climate change the biggest threat to America and the world, “And the last thing, the scariest of them all, is in the midst of all of this — Ramadi falls, this announcement from North Korea — the president gives an address to the Coast Guard Academy and talks about climate change as the great threat to our national security. That is the scariest of them all.”
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