Obama set to betray Israel again; when will American Jews wake up?


Ok, here’s my prediction: the Obama administration will go to the United Nations Security Council and drop its veto against the establishment of the “two-state solution.”

Mind you that was originally supposed to be Israel and Jordan, but it wasn’t good enough for Yasser Arafat. And the whole Palestinian thing? Well, go back and do a little reading about the second Jewish Bar Kokhba revolt, and what Roman Emperor Hadrian decreed afterwards — changing the region’s name from Judea to Palaestina. The root word of Palaestina came from Philistia and their ancestors were Greek.

Sadly, when we in the West are historically ignorant, the manipulative can kidnap a designation and use it for their own nefarious purposes. You see, the real Palestinians are the Jewish people. The word was introduced to punish their failed revolt against the Romans, which began the Jewish diaspora.

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