Obama Says His Biggest Regret Was Not Being Able to Take Your Guns Away and Leave You Defenseless


Barack Hussein admits that his single greatest failure as president was his inability to pass gun control laws.

Translation: “My greatest failure as president was not being able to subvert the Constitution even further, take away all Americans’ firearms, and leave them unable to defend themselves. That is my biggest regret.”

Disappear, Hussein. Go away! You have certainly been a failure at taking all of our rights away, though God knows you tried. The keeping and bearing of arms is not a privilege, it is a God-given right. It says so right there in that Constitution you have been ripping to shreds for eight years.

The best thing you can do now for America is NOTHING! Schlep on over to uber-liberal Hawaii. Mo’ betta’ fo’ you, brah! Enjoy your multi-million dollar beach house, and remember, you will always appear as nothing more than an embarrassing skid mark on the pages of American history.

From the Washington Examiner

President Obama said his biggest policy disappointment as president was not passing gun control laws, according to an interview CNN aired Wednesday evening.

“If you ask me where has been the one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws,” Obama told Fareed Zakaria in the TV special, “The Legacy of Barack Obama.”

Despite national anger following mass shootings throughout his two terms, Obama was unable to convince Congress to pass legislation that would change those policies, including enhancing background checks and not selling firearms at gun shows and other venues. Continue Reading

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