Obama Releases 31,000 Illegal Alien Criminals Into Your Neighborhoods!


Last year we learned the Obama administration released 68,000 illegal aliens who were convicted criminals into the US. Now, a recently released federal document from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports that the Obama administration released 30,862 convicted criminals, who were illegal aliens, into United States cities and neighborhoods, not deporting them.

While 30,862 is the number of convicted criminal illegal aliens who were released back into the US population, consider that the report declares that ICE released another 126,921 illegal aliens who were not convicted criminals.

“To both comply with current detention-focused laws and court decisions and ensure available detention space for border enforcement activity and national security/public safety efforts, ICE also released 129,921 aliens from custody, 30,862 of whom were convicted criminals,” thereport read.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson acknowledged the number of released illegal alien criminals, but though he offered rhetoric that those numbers should be lower and a tightening of the rules of the approval process of ICE supervisors for releases, it does cause one to wonder who actually approves of the release of convicted criminal illegal aliens back into the US population in the first place. Is it not ICE and Homeland Security? If it is, what are the current standards that need to be tightened?

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