Obama Promises “Sustained Attention” on Gun Control Over the Next Year


As promised, Hussein Obama has come out and declared that he will have “sustained attention” to gun control in his last year in office.

In a November 17th GQ magazine interview, the Marxist gun grabber said that he would be making it a priority to attack the Second Amendment with authority he will be usurping, not authority that he is given under our Constitution. By the way, Congress is not authorized to legislate against the Second Amendment either.

He told GQ that he believes Americans are habitually only paying attention to a major crime for only 48 to 72 hours, but he’s going to try to keep us focused on violating the Second Amendment to ensure an unattainable, non-gun violent society.

And how do you think he plans to do that? False flags anyone? Arming incoming Muslim refugees anyone? Lying through his teeth anyone?

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