Obama Plans to Punish Syria


If ever there was a hot political potato, Obama’s self-made dilemma with Syria sure fits the bill! His arrogant attitude demonstrated when he personally drew a red line seemed to proclaim to the world “I’m King of the world and no individual or sovereign nation shall take action of which I disapprove”. Obviously, the world now knows he is a big mouthed idiot who simply can’t conceive that no one takes him seriously. Now, in order to show the world he does have balls he announces he will “punish” Syria. No intention of influencing the outcome of the civil war nor to destroy or take control of the chemical weapons – only to “punish”.

His initial intention was to take military action on his own authority but then caved to political pressure to lay it off on congress. Trust me folks, this is not, as he said, a Constitutional issue in his mind but is intended to take the heat off Obama for whatever action is taken and lay it on somebody else, namely congress. And I will promise you, he will do a magnificent job of doing so. WARNING: Conservatives, do you not see the gun’s laser target on your forehead???

The above sets the stage for a discussion that I hope will provide answers to several issues, free of political spin even though we are faced with this scenario because of politics. First it must be clearly stated that I and everyone I know has nothing less that absolute disgust for the gassing of Syrians as well as the 100,00 or so others that have died in this civil war. But, and this is a very large BUT: by what authority does the United States have the responsibility and right to take any military action against a sovereign nation where there is NO IMMINATE SECURITY THREAT against the U. S.? Where in the Constitution is the Federal government charged or authorized to be the world’s police, enforcing morality or whatever humanitarian issue we want to pick from? Where does the Constitution grant the United Nations the right and responsibility of directing our military actions or our international policies?

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