On Thursday, August 18, the DML DAILY REPORT focused on the floods in Louisiana and how President Obama continues avoid the area.  Instead of paying a visit to the destroyed community, he has opted to remain on vacation and play golf with Hollywood pal, Larry David.  Sadly, the only break Obama took from his vacation schedule was on Monday when he stopped all fun in the sun to attend a campaign fundraiser for Hillary Clinton.

As usual, the DML DAILY REPORT went viral on social media.  A total of 23k shares helped generate more than 550,000 views in less than 12-hours.  With your help, the video will surely blast past 1 million views.

Thankfully, DML’s video made its way to a resident of Ascension Parish in Louisiana.   Guy R. Ware sent in this letter to DML using the “Submit News” button here on the website.  We encourage you to read the letter, watch the video, and give this page a share.  Thanks!

Mr. Lynch,
I live in Ascension Parish in Louisiana, I just watched your video on Facebook. You are saying what we have been saying in Ascension and all of South Louisiana from the start of this ordeal.

We are outraged, though not surprised, by the indifference and lack of moral fiber that Obama has shown. That being said, you don’t see us on the TV crying for the governments help. Here, we help ourselves and help each other. Here we take pride in being there for each other in good times and in bad.

I have shared your post and hopefully it will be seen by all. 
Thank you for helping put this in the nations attention. We are Louisiana Strong and we will as in every other instance over come this adversity.

Guy R. Ware

See more at Dennis Michael Lynch

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