Obama Gives Putin the Death Stare


Oh heavens. The whole LeftMedia is experiencing a group leg-tingle. You probably read about it. Or perhaps you heard the love-crazed Fake Newsies howling their coyote love.

You see, Barry put his man on at the G20 Summit. He showed his best meanie face when he greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin.

BAM!! Boo-ya!! He’s a real man!!! I want to have his baby!!!!

The handshake everyone was waiting for!

A significantly intense death stare!!! HISTORIC death stare!!! (yes, they really said that)

Boy, he showed that Putie fellow who was boss! I’m telling ya, when the LeftMedia saw that Manly Display of Deimatic Domination they got all leg-tingly and started popping those Obagra pills like pez candy. The result is kinda scary, all those newsies feeling the love at one time. Trust me, don’t drop the soap anywhere near there.

Putie is not aboard the Let’s-Bomb-Syria Love Boat

So much so that he’s sending Russian warships to the area, and has hinted at actually intervening if American forces go after Syria.

There’s nothing Barry hates like people who aren’t dazzled by the Awesomeness of Barry. People that say no. People that …aren’t the least bit intimidated when he gives them the meanie look.

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